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For over 20 years, International Plastic Engineering (IPE) has been specializing in the production of barrier shrink packaging materials, including:


             - Barrier shrink bags/tubing                                            - Barrier shrink films                                                   - Plastic casings

By solely focusing on BARRIER SHRINK technology, we have managed to be known in the industry as a forward thinker and leader in the industry. In all our product category offerings, we have been the FIRST supplier in China to manufacture these products locally - we are able to do this by sourcing the latest technological innovation from Europe and integrating it with experience and local expertise. All our products are known for its high quality and competitive pricing. 

We are currently the largest barrier shrink packaging manufacturer in China, and have over 10 extrusion lines, offering 5, 7, and 9 layer products, with multiple converting and printing lines in our factory. All stages are production are in-house managed, providing technological excellence and consistency in supply. 


Establishment of company in Northern China. First to introduce 5 layer barrier casings to China market. 


First to initiate production of barrier shrink bags in China.


Began exporting products worldwide. Attained ISO9001&HACCP accreditation.


Factory moves to Nantong, near Shanghai. Continued capacity expansion.


Establishment of in-house printing with UV inks, achieving over 50% export sales.


Establishment of sales office in Shanghai and continued capacity expansion.



Addition of 8+8 flexo printing machine and in-house shirring capability.


Commission of Asia’s first 9 layer barrier shrink film extrusion line.


Expansion of 7 layer barrier casing capability & attainment of BRC accreditation.


Launching of MAP lidding film & IPE trays.


10+10 CI Flexo printing machine, Entire barrier shrink packaging.

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Established in 1998, International Plastic Engineering Co, Ltd. is a family business specialized
in the making of plastic casings (IPLON®) and barrier shrink bags (AUSTLON®) for the food industry.


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